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Who we are and what we do.

Lifelong Learning Defined (LLD) was founded by education coach Jorge Valenzuela and improves outcomes for youth by helping partner schools develop them into successful students with essential life skills and dispositions. 


Through a data-driven and collaborative process with school/district leaders, LLD helps schools understand and implement key education reform items and district/school-wide initiatives through systemic solutions.  


We offer services, including school-wide instructional design practices for tiered instruction, project based learning (PBL), STEM and computer science education, and social and emotional learning (SEL) integration across the curriculum


"I would definitely recommend Jorge as a speaker. He has the unique ability to create a safe and open environment for participants so they can get the most from his presentation. His blend of research, personal anecdotes and practical steps is a great model." — Marc Patterson

"As a new-ish people manager, I really appreciated the protocols for sharing and reflecting, and emphasis on checking back in with shared emotions. I feel like I've walked away with tools to support my staff in their work journey." — Michelle Burton

"It was a great experience! The presentation/learning experience was timely, relevant, and eye-opening. Jorge was engaging, professional, and very knowledgeable. Every industry would benefit from Jorge's facilitation." — Larae Butcher

"Jorge addresses invisible and influential factors that impact student learning and the relationships that we have with the people we work with/for in a meaningful and deliberate way." — Monica Valenzuela 

"Every educator needs this training! This is not my first time hearing about PBL, but it only took ten minutes for me to realize what I was preparing would have been ineffective. The pace of this workshop was developed in a way that allowed novice educators to grow without slowing down educators who were fine tuning their PBL skills." — Senate Moshoeshoe

"Jorge's workshops bring so much clarity to STEM education in relation to coding and why we need maker space in every educational institution (pre-k-university). The way Mr. Valenzuela made connections to the different CS content areas as well as SEL (confidence, culture, etc.) was done in a way that helped me better see the impact of STEM education on not just my class, but in their future and in other classes as well. The framework that he uses is so clear and makes CS less "scary" to others who may not have a deep understanding. I also love the reference to the CSTA CS standards and the different professional groups that CS teachers can join to stay "in the know". At the same time, this class is not too simple for teachers who already have a basic knowledge of CS. I think I am ready to go to the next level with Hours and hours of Code!" — Slater Robotics

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