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Raising Equity through SEL

Publication date: October, 2022

This book is your trusted source for sound pedagogy that addresses the academic and social-emotional needs of a diverse classroom community. Each strategy, tool, and template is designed to facilitate your practice by making SEL easier to implement.


Environmental Science for Grades 6-12: A Project-Based Approach to Solving the Earth's Most Urgent Problems

Publication date: August, 2021

Environmental science (ES) education is crucial for hands-on investigations and finding solutions to environmental problems. The COVID-19 crisis limits student access to ES experiences, especially for students of color and low-income communities. PBL, with inquiry and authentic challenges, can effectively teach ES, but teachers may need guidance and examples. This book provides practical guidance for teachers and showcases technology-rich, student-centered projects on cross-curricular topics such as endangered animals, oceans, bees, and air quality.

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SEL in Action Tools to Help Students Learn and Grow (Jump Start Guide) 

Publication date: March, 2021

This six-page laminated reference guide by Jorge Valenzuela gives educators a five-step framework to implement social-emotional learning (SEL) with their students to help them achieve success in school and life.


Rev Up Robotics

Publication date: February 2020

Rev Up Robotics takes a cross-curricular approach to robotics education, incorporating it with computational thinking into lessons or electives. The book starts with basics, showcases real-world applications and teaches foundational skills, then includes content-area lessons and standards-mapped plans. The book concludes with teaching advice and strategies for project-based learning and after-school clubs or competitions.

Ready, Set, Robotics! by Jorge Valenzuela

Ready, Set, Robotics! (Jump Start Guide) 

Publication date: February, 2021

This six-page laminated reference guide by Jorge Valenzuela shares practical strategies, tools and lesson ideas for incorporating robotics and computational thinking into your teaching.

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How to Teach Coding to Kids

Publication date: December 2020

This eBook has everything you need to incorporate coding and computational thinking into what you are already teaching by learning where to start and how to scaffold lessons for each student. By applying the included framework for teaching coding, you can level up your coding education skills over time and develop a strong foundation for computational thinking and computer science integration across your curriculum.

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