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For teaching to be effective and engaging for all learners, educators must possess sound pedagogical strategies in tandem with mastery over the content they teach.

Join a 'master class' with education coach Jorge Valenzuela for tips, resources, and actionable steps to help you level up your instructional design practices in several education reform topics

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Computational Thinking and Computer Science (STEM) Integration™ 4 Live Sessions  
Equity and SEL Integration™ (in Lessons) 4 Live Sessions  
Peak Performance for High-Quality Teaching™ 4 Live Sessions   
Getting Started With Project Based Learning™ 5 Live Sessions  

"This brought so much clarity to STEM education in relation to coding and why we need maker space in every educational institution (pre-k-university). The way Mr. Valenzuela made connections to the different CS content areas as well as SEL (confidence, culture, etc.) was done in a way that helped me better see the impact of STEM education on not just my class, but in their future and in other classes as well. The framework that he uses is so clear and makes CS less "scary" to others who may not have a deep understanding. I also love the reference to the CSTA CS standards and the different professional groups that CS teachers can join to stay "in the know". At the same time, this class is not too simple for teachers who already have a basic knowledge of CS. I think I am ready to go to the next level with Hours and hours of Code!" — Slater Robotics

"This master class truly made teaching computer science make sense! Mr. Valenzuela provided exactly what teachers need to feel comfortable teaching computational thinking by giving real world instructional examples. As a veteran computer science teacher, I found ideas to help make the teaching and learning in my CS classroom even more meaningful. I enjoyed the correlation between computational thought/computer science and SEL and integration with core content as well. Perhaps the most beneficial part of this master class was the multiple "entry points" Mr. Valenzuela gives educators into the world of Computer Science. Whether your school offers a stand-alone computer science course or is looking to integrate 21st-century skills into the classroom environment, Jorge Valenzuela's Computer Science Master Class is an excellent place to begin your journey! 5 Stars!!!" — Coding with Culture

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