• Jorge Valenzuela

ISTE | Focus on equity to ensure that all students are 'computer science material'

With the dire need for computer science (CS) skills in today’s workforce, one would think that every school in the nation would have a robust CS program. But sadly, almost half of U.S. students do not have access to meaningful CS courses in their schools, and many will graduate from the K-12 system unprepared for life after school.Those most at risk of being left out will be students who don’t see themselves as “computer science material” – girls, African Americans and Hispanics. That’s why there’s a critical need for schools to provide equitable access to all learners, and the call to action echoes all the way from the U.S. Department of Education to the bipartisan CTE Excellence and Equity Act, which aims to redesign American high schools.But what does equity in computer science (CS) education look like? And how can you ensure all of your students are being served?

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Popular adaptation of Craig “Equality vs Equity” graphic

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