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Educational Coaching.

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What Is Educational Coaching?

Jorge Valenzuela's educational coaching services empower instructional leaders and teaching teams to excel in their roles. Through targeted sessions, Jorge fosters collaboration, shared agreements, and cohesive connections within school teams. He prepares teachers for success by enhancing their confidence and refining pedagogical strategies, focusing on areas such as effective core instruction, differentiated teaching, and activating student engagement. With a commitment to instructional innovation and support during challenging times, Jorge's coaching ensures a comprehensive approach to elevating both instructional leadership and teaching excellence in educational settings.

Who Is Educational Coaching For?

Our coaching services are tailored for a comprehensive spectrum of educational leaders, including Superintendents providing district-level strategic leadership, Principals leading and managing school campuses, Assistant Principals assisting in school leadership, and Instructional Coaches supporting teachers in enhancing instructional practices. The coaching extends to Curriculum Directors overseeing curriculum development, Professional Development Coordinators organizing ongoing teacher training, and Department Chairs leading subject-specific departments. Additionally, Jorge's coaching supports Lead Teachers, Teacher Leaders, and classroom teachers, ensuring a holistic approach to improving teaching practices and fostering leadership at various levels within the educational setting.

College Classroom
  • Instructional Leadership Coaching Strand
    Strategies for Creating Shared Agreements for School Teams Energize Solutions With Collaborative Problem-Solving* Meaningful Connections: Building a Cohesive School Team* Conducting Learning Walks to Support Instructional Innovation Strategies for Providing Teachers Better Feedback* Strategies for Supporting Teachers During Times of Crisis A 5-Step Coaching Model for Instructional Innovation
  • Project Based Learning Coaching Strand
    PBL+ 101: Bridging Academic and Personal Success* PBL+ Intro (Half-Day Workshop) PBL+ Master Class (2-Day Workshop) PBL+ Environmental Science (2-Day Workshop) ​PBL+ STEM and Computer Science (2-Day Workshop)
  • Life Skills and Wellness Coaching Strand
    Tools for Mastering Self Care for Educators* A Blueprint for Restorative Conversations* A Protocol to Encourage Positive Classroom Discussions Life Skills 101: Essential Tools for Students Facing Difficulties* Empathy Mapping: A Tool for Connecting with Students​*
  • Curriculum and Instruction Coaching Strand
    5 Key Building Blocks of Effective Core Instruction* Building Confident Educators 101: The Art of Differentiating Instruction* Instructional Alignment 101 Boosting Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum* Using Effective Question Prompts to Improve Classroom Discussions 3 Ways to Activate Student Engagement*
  • Technology Integration, STEM & Computer Science Pathways Coaching Strand
    Edupreneur 101: AI Tools for Building Your Brand* Learn to Yield the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Lesson Planning* Tools for Activating STEM Projects in Any Class Tools for Activating Computational Thinking in Any Lesson Mastering Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Teachers*

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