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Jorge Valenzuela's captivating keynote speaking services are meticulously crafted for both corporate and education audiences. Jorge's dynamic presentations are designed to ignite inspiration, instigate positive change, and leave a lasting impact on your audience. Whether it's a corporate gathering or an educational event, Jorge collaborates closely with your event planning team to customize each keynote, ensuring relevance and resonance with your specific objectives. With a unique blend of expertise, charisma, and a deep understanding of diverse audience needs, Jorge Valenzuela brings a fresh perspective and transformative insights to every speaking engagement. Elevate your event with a keynote that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving your audience motivated and ready for meaningful action.

Popular Keynotes:

  1. Tools for Helping Students Connect Passion to Purpose Within the Curriculum*

  2. Meaningful Connections: Your Elevator to Excellent Relationships*

  3. PBL+ 101: Bridging Academic and Personal Success*

  4. Empowering Aspiring Educators: Tools for Helping Youth Connect Passion to Purpose* (Keynote for future teachers)

  5. Edupreneur 101: Artificial Intelligence Tools for Building Your Brand*

  6. Building Confident Educators 101: The Art of Differentiating Instruction*

  7. Strategies for Providing Teachers Better Feedback*


Topics listed with an * are popular options at events catering to larger groups of educators, either as keynote or breakout sessions. 

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