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Our services are flexible either in-person or online. Virtual is delivered via video conferencing and an engagement platform for an interactive and fun experience.


Additionally, we ensure digital accessibility for all users and continually improve virtual sessions with closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

All PD topics can be facilitated in the following formats: 

  1. 60-minute keynote or webinar 

  2. 90-minute workshop

  3. Half-day and a one-day workshop

  4. MASTER CLASS (four to five virtual 2-hour sessions)

Note: Through collaborative planning, sessions are customized to fit school and district contexts. 


Topics listed with an * are popular options at events catering to larger groups of educators. 

Keynote Strand

  1. Relationships are the Most Important Thing in Life*

  2. Unlocking Tools for Helping Students Connect Passion to Purpose*

  3. Unlocking Tools for Leading at Our Best*

  4. Unlocking Tools for Teaching at Our Best*

  5. Empowering Educators: Tools for Personal and Professional Growth*

Instructional Leadership Coaching Strand

  1. Principles of Team Building and Level Setting

  2. Strategies for Creating Shared Agreements for School Teams

  3. Conducting Learning Walks to Support Instructional Innovation

  4. Strategies for Providing Teachers Better Feedback

  5. Strategies for Supporting Teachers During Times of Crisis

  6. A 5-Step Coaching Model for Instructional Innovation

Curriculum and Instruction Coaching Strand

  1. 5 Key Building Blocks of Effective Core Instruction (Tier 1)

  2. A Simple Tool for Aligning Instruction and Assessment

  3. Boosting Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum

  4. Strategies for Boosting Instructional Innovation Across the Curriculum

  5. Using Frequent Feedback Cycles to Guide Student Work

  6. Using Effective Question Prompts to Improve Classroom Discussions

  7. 3 Ways to Activate Student Engagement

  8. ​A 5-Step Coaching Model for Instructional Innovation

SEL and Emotional Intelligence Coaching Strand

  1. Tools for Understanding and Mastering Difficult Emotions for Educators*

  2. Strategies for Activating SEL Across the Curriculum*

  3. Using SEL to Guide Students From Passion to Purpose*

  4. A Protocol to Encourage Restorative Classroom Discussions

  5. Tools for Examining Our Knowledge of Students

  6. Empathy Mapping for Making Instructional Decisions​

  7. Tools for Updating our SEL Plans With Related Pedagogies 

Project Based Learning Coaching Strand

  1. Unlocking the Elements of PBL Pro*

  2. PBL Pro Intro (1-Day Workshop)

  3. PBL Pro Master Class (2-Day Workshop)

  4. PBL+ SEL Master Class (2-Day Workshop)

  5. PBL+ Environmental Science (2-Day Workshop)

  6. ​PBL+ STEM and Computer Science (2-Day Workshop)

Technology Integration, STEM & Computer Science Pathways Coaching Strand

  1. Learn to Yield the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Lesson Planning and Teaching*

  2. Strategies for Activating STEM Across the Curriculum*

  3. Strategies for Activating Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum*

  4. How to Get Started Teaching Coding

  5. STEM & Computer Science Master Class (1-2 Days)

Youth and Emerging Adults Coaching Strand

  1. Strategies for Youth to Align Passion to Purpose and Education*

  2. Receiving Mentorship

  3. Emotional Intelligence Skills for Personal and Social Competence

  4. Goal Setting (Personal and Professional)

  5. Responsible Decision-Making

  6. Career Pathway Development

  7. Financial Literacy

Topics listed with an * are popular options at events catering to larger groups of educators. 

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