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The Buck Institute for Education | Meet the BIE National Faculty: Jorge Valenzuela

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Our STEM Projects

Our engineering program in Richmond has produced many graduates and several have returned and often offer testimonials affirming how vital the skills they earned by participating in this and other projects have been to their post-secondary successes. Although this makes our teachers very proud, the most gratifying testimony to me is seeing students engaged and being able to articulate how our project connected their learning to their other classes or a personal passion, or their community. As a supervisor of Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) teachers, I collaborate with teachers to implement real-world open-ended challenges that are part of bigger projects with several other student products for students to create (in addition to the design challenge). Our projects typically have 3-4 major products: the design challenge, data collection, an engineering notebook entry, and a public presentation.

See entire blog post here.

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